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Very funny story, excellent animation. Good job all around!

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My only complaint is that I HATE THIS SONG!

But man, you guys have really managed to make something good. You've told the story very well, and the whole piece is peppered with nice, subtle animation. It really gives a lot of character to it overall. I'm giving you an 8 because I want to see more animation... if you have a tablet, I recommend moving away from motion tweens, and explore some of the techniques of the great character animators, like Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson. Keep up the good work!

Getting good

I love your writing/humor style, and the format by which you've presented each particular bit. I clicked on the sponsors for you and hopefully many more will do the same so you can go out and get a nice tablet. I say keep it up, keep drawing, and keep writing funny ideas. You get a 6 cause there were some good ideas but I want to see more animation (the ones you did have in were pretty good though)!

Kajio responds:

Thank you very much. The humor was what I was focusing on, and I think that paid off well.

Hopefully getting a graphics pad will help make animation easier, so that I can improve my flashes.

Thanks for the sponsor clickin'! Every bit helps!

Solid execution

Karthon, you've achieved some pretty great things with this piece. I love how you've embraced a very loose and scribbly feel while managing to convey a compelling story, and you've kept the music and visuals on cohesive levels all the way through. Some suggestions for improvement: try to hit on distinctive beats throughout the song, and next time explore some more animatory sequences on characters.

Keep it up!


What a great idea. You handle everything very well. I love how appealing the characters are. Keep it up!

Smooth, very smooth

Solid idea, tripy visuals, fresh animation. I think for what you were trying to achieve, you hit the target. I thought the beatboxing/flute was very original. There were a couple of moments where you could have done more to synch the animation to the music. Giving you an 8 because you guys are on your way to some great stuff. I want to see more!!!

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recycled humor

Robot = Bender from futurama and "suck my balls" = awesom-o from south park. this would be fantastic if the humor hadn't already been done. Good drawings and decent audio recording though.

KwikToon responds:

Are you truly the only "Carmire"? I want proof.


I'm so happy that something finally made me laugh all the way through today. Great job, I hope to see more of this soon!

Flash animator from Vermont. I love music, and I love animation. So I love things that use both of those.

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